Inspired loudspeakers for modern living

Tom Danley is a visionary in the audio industry. His designs have provided loudspeakers and other innovations to venues and performers around the globe.

Now he has brought that sound home to you.

Our Products

We have learned a lot from building award-winning solutions for arenas and houses of worship, and we’re proud to bring that same level of dedication and craftsmanship to our home and studio solutions.

Our skilled technicians assemble and test every speaker by hand at Gainesville, GA workshop – allowing us to deliver quality that exceeds expectations.

Our Technology

With a team of world-class experts in acoustics and engineering, Danley meticulously designs speakers from the inside out, combining custom woofers and tweeters with proprietary amplifiers and software. 

Made in America

Unlike many US loudspeaker companies, Danley is hand built in the United States. We employ over 100 hardworking Americans and when you need customer service, you’ll talk with a real person at our headquarters in Gainesville, GA.

Our Journey

Founded in 2005, Danley Sound Labs enjoyed immediate success – thanks in large part to the innovation and proprietary knowledge that Tom Danley put to work for the company. Always a hands-on and curious visionary, Tom brought that pioneering spirit to Danley Sound Labs.

As a youth, Tom was always attracted to sound as a musician and then electronic technician. And yet his curiousity and inventive nature led him much further afield, as he went on to work for companies that took part in a wide range of projects.

All the while Tom kept inventing, piling up almost 20 patents that would be included in research connected to high powered acoustic levitator, ground zero bombing simulations, active noise cancellations of jet engines, critical listening mastering studios, live sound, and commercial/high-end home theatres and house of worship around the world.

While Danley Sound Labs built its initial customer base with those houses of worship, Tom’s abilities and innovations led us to construct audio products – including loudspeakers, subwoofers and other components – now unrivaled in numerous settings.

Tom Danley


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