HRE1 | 4,400-watt 4-way Powered Studio Monitor

The Synergy Horn Technology, patented by Tom Danley, sets the HRE speaker apart, enabling it to produce a hyper-realistic sound that faithfully reproduces the original audio without any alteration. This unique driver configuration combines multiple sound sources into a single wavefront, delivering exceptional clarity and accuracy.

The HRE is a self-powered speaker with FIR processing, eliminating the need for amp matching and ensuring optimal performance. With Tom Danley’s settings, the speaker delivers a perfect response, as seen in the graph below. Whether you’re using the HRE for professional studio monitoring or as a high-end addition to your home entertainment system, this speaker delivers an exceptional audio experience that will leave you in awe.

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Equipped with long excursion woofers, the HRE produces bass like no other full-range speaker on the market. Its powerful output of 4400 watts creates an intense and punchy bass that will immerse you in your music, movies, or games.

The HRE is also a four-way speaker, powered by a four-channel amplifier that delivers 2400 watts to two long excursion woofers, 1200 watts to two highly efficient 8” woofers, and 400 watts per section to the 5” coaxial mid/high driver. This configuration ensures that every frequency range is accurately reproduced, delivering a balanced and nuanced sound.


Speaker type 4-Way Powered
Maximum SPL 132.3 dB SPL
Mid/High Coaxial 1”HF | 5” Mid
Woofer 2x 8”
Subwoofer 2x 15” Long Excursion
Frequency Response 14Hz-23.7KHz
Inputs XLR
Height 54.75 in | 1390 mm
Horn Center 45 in | 570 mm
Top Depth 19.75 in | 500 mm
Base Width 28.25 in | 717 mm
Base Depth 27.56 in | 700 mm
Watts 4400


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